In my progressively awesome life, I have at every point in time lived for better days. It comes with the ideology that life is worth living because there is something more exciting, a state more successful, a moment more enjoyable and definitely, happenings more miraculous ahead. When moments throw you a curve of ‘content discomfort’, … Continue reading MIRACLES…


They call it the thief of the dayI call it the burden of mankind.To intrude in tomorrow's spaceWith luggage of todayIs indeed an inhumane disposition.It gives the rhythm of excusesClearly established on limitations.The only thing wished is:When given a chance to speak, May the voice not be moved forward.AMEN:In order for my voice not to be moved forward when given the … Continue reading PROCRASTINATION


It is funny how it is harder to write when you say hi to this fellow:(...Oh well, I must do this in spite of the overwhelming state of mind. Write I will, although it is better written in form of a poem:D Thirty minutes and counting You know you have to leave soon. Fifty people waiting for you … Continue reading ANXIETY


Set yourself apart, Do not lay hold to your grouches; Let them go. Do not wallow in your anger; Vent it out. Do not be immersed in your pain; Cry it all out. Do not be disturbed by your weaknesses; Achieve the extraordinary.   HMMM: In moments like this when developing enough gumption for the … Continue reading BE ENCOURAGED