"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.” ― John Lennon Only until you sit for a discomforting number of hours and watch a horrendously lasting condition occur do you know how human you are. You get to question; Why do people die, why the incessant suffering? You get to … Continue reading IMMORTAL


They birthed, fed, loved, held and were always there. Know that if they did all of these and more, In between the excitement of growing up, And the drive for independence and relevance. Our turn will come to reciprocate and more, Until then and during the process, Practise the aphorism attached here. 👀 For some … Continue reading Parents


When the tides that flowed ebbs A time when the sun sets, In the days when the old clock ticks Bringing you to a sate of newness. How the sea loses its waves Move is inevitable with the seasons, From old faces to new times In between myriad awesome changes. Why sporadic moving-on hurts From … Continue reading HAPPENINGS


It counts every ten years One, two and onwards. In the land of greatness Where stars are born. These decades are privileged To have a rare gem emerge. On the wings of the Almighty With the angels in awe ovation. This day was beautified greatly By a star different from others. God's own Shinning Star … Continue reading DECADES


From the platform of Covenant University Comes a discipline that affects humanity. It rides into our homes with a unique suitability And spreads its wings over our nationality. It considers history, labour and mortality Draws from other disciplines, hence its diversity. You know you are in for a bit of complexity Although, holding all other … Continue reading ECONOMICS