The Fall…

I fell down today, literally. It has been so long since I fell, it felt like an entirely new experience, you know. In the space of the momentary seconds, I was like, 'ahhhh, I must be dreaming', 'I really cannot be in public, it must be a vision', 'I am certainly too old to be … Continue reading The Fall…

One day?

Someone asked me today, 'do you write every day?' I said, 'not really :)' Since blogging remains my most dominant measure of my 'active' writing frequency, I decided to write this evening. The word active is in quotation mark for emphasis. You see, some days I write in my head, some days I write just … Continue reading One day?


“Laugh and Live.” - Blessing Okoro #BlessingShares Dreams often leave us wondering, “Why dream at all?” simply as a result of the constant overwhelming thought of the process that would be required to achieve them. That’s why we must remember that the nature of dreams is that they are often bigger than us, for to … Continue reading Laughter


It was my birthday on the 31st of October!!! Glory to God for life *dancing* Someone told me recently in a conversation, 'you were dancing and all...' hahaha. That person was correct, I do not only dance in written form, I also dance literally!!! 🙂 Why? Well, my God is a great God, so I … Continue reading LOVE


  I am rich in culture and diversity With tourist attractions spanning across my nature given landscape You can meet me at: the Obudu mountain resort in Cross River state the Ngwo pine forest in Enugu state the Olumo rock in Abeokuta, Ogun state the Idanre hill in Ondo state the Yankari national park in … Continue reading I AM NIGERIA!


   Aspirations? Dreams? Visions? Masterplans? All these words remain dominant through several seasons of my life. I have had dreams for over a decade and counting. Other days, I simply aspired to achieve a certain stride.  In a season, I received a vision for my life from God. At a point, the exact scriptural backing … Continue reading Aspire 


   She needed a hero, To lift her from point zero She needed peace, To make her raging mind cease She needed sanity, To bring an end to the calamity She needed solace, To comfort her along the race She needed healing, To stop her heart from bleeding She needed a break, To fix her … Continue reading SHE