So my very good friend Bidemi Badejo just called me by say  11pm, stating that it is still my birthday. She's totally right! I have great friends for years... and one very dear to me in the Blogging sphere gave me this birthday post challenge. Shout out to Mfon of daintym Here we go...dizzy as I … Continue reading Lessons


Today, we gratefully commence our 'Appreciation Series' from the platform of #BlessingShares. A write-up would be done on this concept subsequently...But for this moment, I know this awesome 'Ministerial' interview would speak for itself.   Our Guest is a great mind in Ministry. 👏 This is a very humble way of describing him. I was … Continue reading MINISTERIAL APPRECIATION 

Thank You!

To God Almighty: The Creator of the heavens and the earth. The giver of life, salvation, inspiration, ideas, insights, and every thing beautiful. For bringing 'Blessingshares' this far in such an awesome way. To great minds: Every single person 💃😃. Those that have inspired, encouraged, and been there through the moments. To fellow bloggers and … Continue reading Thank You!