Today, I will introduce the final nugget by saying, ‘the Dreamers’ Series’ has been amazing!!! Join me in clapping if you know this *clapping* Now, to the story of this week, as an experiential Writer, I write based on real and personal experiences. It has been an exciting week for me, as I am currently reading … Continue reading FOR YOU – THE DREAMERS’ SERIES



   Today, the nugget is quite dramatic *haha* It simply states, 'Don't talk to me about deadlines!' LITERALLY. I know, I know, it is very normal to say, 'you must finish the project next week!', 'we need to send the report out by tomorrow!', 'I must achieve my dream before 2018 ends!' That is alright... as long as you don't burn your dream … Continue reading ABOUT ‘DEADLINES’ – THE DREAMERS’ SERIES


Today on the Dreamers' series, I will talk about the often misinterpreted concept of 'perfection'. Every serious dreamer needs to realize that there is no such thing as that word (at least not the conventional meaning of it).  **** The analogy today is quite basic, achieving a dream per time is like writing a manuscript - the … Continue reading NO PERFECTION – THE DREAMERS’ SERIES

Learning curve – The Dreamers’ Series

Today is the very first day of the series (it's exciting). We might ask, 'what is the Dreamers' series about?' I will tell you, it is a 5-weeks sharing program about, 'nuggets you need to know in order to achieve your dream per time' (very easy and important). **** The storyline today is, I wish someone has told me … Continue reading Learning curve – The Dreamers’ Series


Fast days, slow days Happy days, gloomy days All these make up living   Beautiful memories, mundane memories Few memories, countless memories All sum up to the same reminisce   Days when you want to skip Some memories make you think   Days in which you just keep still From memories that bring pain   … Continue reading Everyday