Happy Sunday y'all. 😃💃👏 Glory to God. Happy new month from the blog to all my awesome readers. I'm super excited and grateful to God for the year thus far. I remember God starting this year with us and how far He has brought us. Matter of fact, it just hit, the first quote or … Continue reading Courage 


So my very good friend Bidemi Badejo just called me by say  11pm, stating that it is still my birthday. She's totally right! I have great friends for years... and one very dear to me in the Blogging sphere gave me this birthday post challenge. Shout out to Mfon of daintym Here we go...dizzy as I … Continue reading Lessons


Yay! That word 'Stillness' brings the Chorus of a hymn I love so much to mind. It goes this way... "Blessed quietness Holy quietness What assurance in my soul On the stormy sea He speaks peace to me How the billows seize to roll."    Extracts from the testimony... 'During my previous trip, the weather … Continue reading STILLness


Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment- Ecclesiastes 9:8 This Scripture came to me this day from an outfit experience. You see, I wore a strictly white outfit to Church and God spoke to me through it on my way home. The Holy Spirit must have been watching me...He … Continue reading White