Fast days, slow days Happy days, gloomy days All these make up living   Beautiful memories, mundane memories Few memories, countless memories All sum up to the same reminisce   Days when you want to skip Some memories make you think   Days in which you just keep still From memories that bring pain   … Continue reading Everyday


I don’t remember the last time I was literally bored…in recent years, the state has occurred in more advanced forms. I have been bored while working, bored while reading, bored while studying, but never bored while writing 🙂 When doing work becomes fun that is totally what you are made for! It is not rocket … Continue reading Boredom!


Sometimes a near death experience may occur on a faithful day; and sometimes, your first emotional reaction- may be an overpowering of your thoughts that leaves you thinking of everything and nothing- how you escaped, the real truth hits you during your introspection. The time you left was just right, and it could not have … Continue reading OVERWHELM


Okay...it went down this morning. First things first, thank you Lord for life and protection👐 In between going early to work and the realisation that I had to take public transport...in my head for the first 30 minutes, I went back to sleep.😂 Yes o...I'm not all 'ajeboish'🙈 I certainly use public transport every now … Continue reading TAXI!

So far…

This is life: The good and seemingly bad days, Ups and the so-called downs, Laughter and temporary tears, Achievements and experiential failures, Work and relaxing play. A blend of the opposites; Such is LIFE. In the process; Stay positively wired at all times. Coz: "Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what … Continue reading So far…