Be Human.

I read the book of Ecclesiastes again (I will again and again...) and I realized the words were written to and for a 'human being'. The words were written for me and if you are a human being - for you also. My definition of a human being - one who is on and off. … Continue reading Be Human.


This was a great quote that I experienced about 2 years ago. Today, I took it a notch higher - people don't care about you (in a positive way definitely) until they know you are doing something! I was sitting at a workshop on entrepreneurship and during the end, a vibrant young lady came to … Continue reading Hallelujah!


“Laugh and Live.” - Blessing Okoro #BlessingShares Dreams often leave us wondering, “Why dream at all?” simply as a result of the constant overwhelming thought of the process that would be required to achieve them. That’s why we must remember that the nature of dreams is that they are often bigger than us, for to … Continue reading Laughter


It was my birthday on the 31st of October!!! Glory to God for life *dancing* Someone told me recently in a conversation, 'you were dancing and all...' hahaha. That person was correct, I do not only dance in written form, I also dance literally!!! 🙂 Why? Well, my God is a great God, so I … Continue reading LOVE