I always pray for sanity...and divine health. It is the peculiar link between my emotions and my physical state. This time last week I almost lost my mind...But God! I went through physical sickness and emotional stress. And then I realized, that indeed the mental health could affect the physical state and vice-versa. But you … Continue reading Healing


   She needed a hero, To lift her from point zero She needed peace, To make her raging mind cease She needed sanity, To bring an end to the calamity She needed solace, To comfort her along the race She needed healing, To stop her heart from bleeding She needed a break, To fix her … Continue reading SHE


"Epiphanies are expensive."- Julius (Coined from Everybody hates Chris) How have I been? Alive: Alive...in so many excitingly strange and new ways! Blogging: I can blog again? Wow...it's a miracle!, I almost died you know...I forgot all about blogging😮😂 Turquoise: I found my best colour in the strangest places, I tell you...I saw a turquoise … Continue reading REALIZATIONS!