- Poem Time 🙂 I have stories on the rack Of those who never called me back I give them the benefit of the doubt Though I do not see the reason for that Some are mourning Others are working I am praying about everything And giving thanks to God in all things To be … Continue reading COMFORT


I wonder why my mind could only create poetry when I'm particularly overwhelmed. You see, I wrote my first poem when I was about eleven...usually I would say it this way 'I cried to write my first poem' *haha* (that's a chapter in my book) 🙊💯🙏    Back to this write-up 😃 I kid you … Continue reading HEART 


The world is your stageDance all by yourselfThe only spectators are:The Sun, the Moon and the StarsGod remains the only judge.You dance beautifullyHe gives you experiencesThey are the "Coaches"Their job is to groom your talentsUntil the best in you emerges.The applause is amazingOf course you blow them awayI thought I told you;You are a shinning … Continue reading ALL FOR YOU…


In a state of topsy-turvyThere exists a situationWhich eludes humanityOf every iota of compunction,There subsists an ambienceTantamount to decadenceWhich erodes mankindOf a compos mentis;It is inevitable to a colossallyBizarre POSTERITY.Moral of Poem:There are eternal consequences for the choices you make. Whatever you do in every situation, good or bad, your posterity is tied to it. Therefore, do … Continue reading POSTERITY