Life? Matter of fact, not just life but 'a dream-filled life'.  This post has me reaching out to the great minds following this awesome blog. I believe we have at least one dream that we would love to see come true. This brings us to the realisation, we live a dream-filled life.   The question … Continue reading FILLED


"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you." - Marsha Norman A scene of the future; I see lights and mics The colourful big stage. I step out in turquoise Applause everywhere. I smile from inside out The beauty of life. I sit for a great moment With awesome personalities. I … Continue reading Snapshots!


Yes, till it is done! Now that is a process, Starts with an action! Now this is an idea, Nothing is impossible! Now that is Faith, Spell it as 'I'm possible'! Now there goes another quote, This is the conclusion! Now is always the time to begin. -Blessing Okoro @blessingshares