Energy Saving

...More like, you need to take time out to consciously rest and relax. This goes beyond sleeping an extra hour a is more of an unwinding period. The rest could be extra days of laughter, it could be sight-seeing, it could be traveling to fill up your bucket list or more. It has to … Continue reading Energy Saving


"Some days I want to write till I escape the cruelty of this world."- Blessing Okoro Originally written on Sunday, November 20, 2016 Being uneasy all day... I barely slept well on Saturday night and I'm still heavy in my spirit.  Why? The cruelty of this God!  As if the days of the slavery … Continue reading Escape 


Yay! That word 'Stillness' brings the Chorus of a hymn I love so much to mind. It goes this way... "Blessed quietness Holy quietness What assurance in my soul On the stormy sea He speaks peace to me How the billows seize to roll."    Extracts from the testimony... 'During my previous trip, the weather … Continue reading STILLness


Learn to rest Life is easy Forgive without limitation Drama must end Practise to be still Storms will pass Dance with excitement Better days will come Work to be free Years could count Run with a vision You will overcome  Live for the fulness God is faithful And remember...   


"Everything needs a break."- Toba Beta Due to realisation that the last four years of my life were majorly spent in the tertiary institution, there are many tales to tell and stories to write. Conciseness is key in this case, cause all the memories got summed up in my final year #DaysOfMyLife. From excitement to … Continue reading REST