Grateful 🙏

I am writing this post as a MEMORIAL to what the Lord has done. Blessing Okoro The testimony of my MBA I remember the year 2014 (during *NYSC), I applied for my masters. Trust me, I just wanted to go for one, so I chose LLM (law remains my next passion course). I was beyond … Continue reading Grateful 🙏


Yay! That word 'Stillness' brings the Chorus of a hymn I love so much to mind. It goes this way... "Blessed quietness Holy quietness What assurance in my soul On the stormy sea He speaks peace to me How the billows seize to roll."    Extracts from the testimony... 'During my previous trip, the weather … Continue reading STILLness

Days of my life

"In days like this...I so do not blog."- Blessing Okoro Haba...all these stress for why?😮😕💆😓 P.S- Yes...that's the new way of expressing it 'for why?'😂 The other side of family, engagements, daily living, relationships, dreams, planning, et al. "Everything is everything"😃🙈 My reminder does not seize to buzz out tasks...I'm like really all in one … Continue reading Days of my life


In my progressively awesome life, I have at every point in time lived for better days. It comes with the ideology that life is worth living because there is something more exciting, a state more successful, a moment more enjoyable and definitely, happenings more miraculous ahead. When moments throw you a curve of ‘content discomfort’, … Continue reading MIRACLES…