This month of June, I found six quotes that I was inspired to create *grateful* It is the sixth month of the year, and I thought to share them with you as a way of saying, 'Go be great!' and 'God bless you.'    


A scattered hair will give a girl a lot of meditation window to view what exactly is going on in her head.   They said it was easy to be a girl…they lied! Ever had a bad hair day? It is even more ridiculous when you are certain that this scattered hair drama will span … Continue reading SCATTERED


I was awake, very much awake, but you see the moment I told my brain I needed to write, it began processing the 'sleep'. No, seriously, I legit became dizzy. Ahhhh ahhhh, I fought to write these first lines...    The question today is: are you sleeping awake or awake sleeping?  In areas of life- … Continue reading Asleep 


As we walk through various places in life, It is worthy to remember that: God is holding our hands, Directing us from the front, Shielding us from behind, And comforting us on the sides. Indeed, the walk is awesome, Hence fear is obliterated.


In life’s journeyIt is important to take stockSo take a pauseStop!Ask yourself what then? What happens-If you sleep and don’t wake upIs there something you should lay straight? What happens -If after rejecting God it is too lateCan you stand the consequences? What happensIf after you make that choice it turns out to be your … Continue reading WHAT THEN?